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Career, Performance, & Management Coaching for Women
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Marie Wetmore, Certified Professional Coach, helps women like you develop the skills and strategies you need for standout performance as a professional, manager, or business owner.  She is a professional development expert, an accountability partner, a professional skills facilitator, an ally, a sounding board, a collaborator for thinking through your challenges and solutions, and a pro at helping you move forward.

Why coaching? Coaching helps you achieve your goals. 

As your coach, Marie understands that today's women are go-getters that want to be successful in a real and meaningful way. And that takes more than just knowledge of your field – it takes performance strategies, leadership tools, and a continual improvement attitude to be truly effective and successful at work.


Performance topics for women:

  • Being politically astute, building the right relationships
  • Communicating your messages effectively
  • Organization and time management
  • Effectively preparing for and managing transitions
  • Getting more done – and demonstrating the value of the work you do
  • Making your voice heard, showcasing your capabilities
  • Ensuring that your professional image and body language convey your value

Management coaching topics for women:

  • Coaching skills for managers, one on one meetings & supervision
  • Giving effective, in the moment feedback
  • Managing your own priorities and workflow
  • Delegating more – helping your direct reports develop more skills
  • Creating time and structure for big picture planning

Career direction coaching for women:

  • Career direction, finding a job that leverages your strengths
  • Networking skills, tapping the hidden job market
  • Planning and staying consistent with your job search

Individual and corporate coaching, workshops, and retreats.

Marie offers 50 minute full sessions or 25 minute "laser" sessions.  Contact Marie for onsite corporate coaching or workshops.

Convenience and flexibility.

Join her face-to-face in one of her Boston area offices. Or experience ultra-convenient coaching by  phone, video Skype, or FaceTime - you can meet with her from the convenience of your home or office. Marie also offers flexible scheduling for working women, including evening and weekend hours.

What about the guys? Men are welcome at lion's share coaching.

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