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"I found Marie just when I needed her.  I wanted to start moving forward on a professional project that I felt stuck on.  I hoped Marie would help me overcome my feelings of overwhelm and hold me accountable to stay on track and pursue my dream.  She did just that and more!  I worked through so many obstacles that I didn't even realize were holding me back.  I now have incredible excitement and have built such momentum.  Without her help, I know I would not have made nearly as much progress.  The tools she taught me are invaluable and give me the confidence to handle new issues." - Heidi B.

"She has provided me with a framework for thinking through tough problems, and has tirelessly offered amazing resources, contacts, and suggestions to further move me in the direction that I was meant to find myself. For her time, energy, and her presence of mind and calm, I am eternally grateful. Thank you for being my sounding board, my "thinker-througher" and confidant as I have gone through one of the toughest journeys of my life, Marie." -Ariel S.


"During our coaching sessions, she helps me put clarity around my thoughts, and together we set concrete, weekly goals that help get me closer to my big picture. Her ability to push back, hold me accountable, and truly understand me as a person has transformed my life in a way I never anticipated." -Lindsey C.


Marie's podcast, Be A Lion, is about changing your life and unlocking your potential.  Marie shares ideas, tools, exercises, new perspectives, and interviews to help you get the most out of your life and profession. It's a life and career coach, in your pocket!

Marie is a Boston life coach. She coaches locally in her Medford, MA office and all over the world via phone and video Skype. 

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Episode MP3's (left click to listen, right click to download)  Click for Show Notes
Episode 24 - Making Organizing Easy Show Notes
Episode 23 - Networking Rocks Your Career Show Notes
Episode 22 - Start Acting Show Notes
Episode 21 - The Power of Positive Questions Show Notes
Episode 20 - Start Celebrating Show Notes
Episode 19 – Building Your Ring of Power Show Notes
Episode 18 – Getting Intentional   Show Notes
 Episode 17 – Stop Complaining, Start Acting! Show Notes
Episode 16 – Take the Wheel of Your Finances Show Notes
Episode 15 – Get Your Needs Met! Show Notes
Episode 14 – Overcoming Annoyances Show Notes
Episode 13 - Don't Let Your Stuff Define You Show Notes
Episode 12 - Keep it Small, Keep it moving Show Notes
Episode 11 - What Are You Doing to Make Yourself Happy? Show Notes
Episode 10 - Making Your Job Work For Your Health Show Notes
Episode 9 - A Well Planned Goal Show Notes

Episode 8 - Partnering with your Partner Show Notes
Episode 7 - Triumph over Naysayers Show Notes
Episode 6 - Listen like a Champion Show Notes
Episode 5 - Moving from what we eat to how and why Show Notes
Episode 3 - Gratitude for Daily Gifts Show Notes
Episode 2 - Living with Vision Show Notes
Episode 1 - Inspiration and Creativity Show Notes